The n.e.r.d. logo was designed by Shepard Fairey

I had no idea that the brain logo for N.E.R.D. was designed by Shepard Fairey, the guy behind Obey and the Barack Obama Hope poster that became a representation of Barack Obama's 2008 election campaign.

Posted 19th Nov 2018 @ 09:24

Brexit chaos arrives

Shocking state of affairs.

The big picture: Prime Minister Theresa May is entirely correct when she says that Britain faces three choices: This deal, no deal, or no Brexit at all. The problem is that none of those choices are palatable to the U.K. Parliament, or even to her own Conservative Party.

Only one of these is palatable to me, and that's no Brexit. All this rubbish about the vote having already happened, should we only ever vote once for a government and stick with it for eternity? No, we see how they're doing and then we vote to keep them or change things. Now we have the truth and, more importantly, the reality of what a Brexit means.

The lead up to Britain's vote to leave the EU was fraught with lies, deception and ego. Political carnage. Being completely blunt on the topic, of those that voted, how many will even be alive to reap the benefits of leaving the EU if are any to be had at all?

Despite the period of peace Europe has enjoyed, the sad reality is that we're in a very dangerous time.

Posted 18th Nov 2018 @ 21:55

Maharishi x Nike

I've followed Maharishi and it's various off shoots for over 10 years now. It began when I worked on their websites for a couple of years and the despite that relationship ending in 2006, the love for the brand never faded. This logo alone makes it look like a fantastic collaboration and I'm excited to see what they release on the 30th.

Posted 16th Nov 2018 @ 19:54

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