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House of Cards final season teaser trailer

So Francis is dead, looking forward to the new and final season which streams from 2nd November.

Posted 5th Sep 2018 @ 18:23

14 years of Disruptive Pattern Material

In a former life, the company I worked for managed websites for Maharishi and we were gifted a copy of the book (currently £449.99 on Amazon). It has some great information on the history of camouflage and it's nice to here that there's a sequel in the works.

Posted 5th Sep 2018 @ 09:23

FIFA - top 10 goals of the 2018 World Cup

The fans voted for their favourites but there are only 3 that I agree on.

Posted 1st Sep 2018 @ 02:06

Jeff Goldblum on Hot Ones

Jeff Goldblum does the honours on Hot Ones, what a guest for the season finale.

Posted 31st Aug 2018 @ 21:06

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