Low-angle satellite photos of San Francisco

Click through and look at the interactive map from Mapbox/DigitalGlobe.

Due to the odd angle, it almost looks fake, computer-generated. Look at that toy Golden Gate Bridge connecting SimCity to a hyperrealist painting of the rugged California coast!

Posted 6th Nov 2018 @ 15:00

Toulouse becomes a Labyrinth for La Machine's giant spider and Minotaur

It's been over 10 years since I saw La Machine's elephant in London and it's still a sight that sticks in my mind.

Posted 5th Nov 2018 @ 21:17

Trump's Big Tech contradictions

This is how you deal with Trump. Axios did a fantastic job of fact checking what he said and providing more context. In one case:
Reality check: Several of Trump's statements during the interview underscore some misunderstandings regarding existing tech policy.

Posted 5th Nov 2018 @ 12:12

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