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Audi Q8 Review

What is with the VW group and these shades of yellow they've started using? It does make cars stand out, but they can't sell many in that colour. Those dual touch screens too, look great but not sure about how practical they are.

I'm of course still in the stone age without any knobs or dials to control my car's infotainment system so I could be wrong, but unlike a physical keyboard I don't think I could reliably type on or control a touch screen.

Posted 29th Aug 2018 @ 11:36

Air Jordan 1 retro low OG Premium

Based on the Dunk low, these look awesome.

Posted 26th Aug 2018 @ 08:55

Jaguar E-Type Electric

40kWh translates to about 170miles of range and Jaguar are offering the option to convert your own E-Type or they'll source one and do it for you.

Posted 25th Aug 2018 @ 00:29

Pixel Pottery

Hard to believe it's all made from ceramics and not something more like lego.

Posted 24th Aug 2018 @ 21:29

2020 Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster has already been covered here on 1 Thing A Week (#4) and it looks awesome. Here we get to see it from angles I haven't seen before as well as a short sprint from what will be one hell of a production road car.

Posted 24th Aug 2018 @ 15:58

PlugBug Duo MacBook charger

Twelve South often come out with some interesting products but this is up there with the most useful I've seen. Not only will it work internationally thanks to the travel adapters but it offers quick charging for compatible phones too. And it's red. Looks like they've done a great job with this one.

Posted 24th Aug 2018 @ 08:29

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