The etymology of 'orange': which came first, the color or the fruit?

It took a lot of willpower not to douse 1 Thing A Week in orange as it's my favourite colour so interesting to hear about the origins of its name. Geoluhread is an interesting team and it's effectively the nickname for AS Roma who wear red with yellow.

Posted 16th Aug 2018 @ 05:45

Sushi master shows how to make the perfect Nigiri

Having gone from not eating sushi until a few years ago to absolutely loving it, seeing masters at work is a joy.

Posted 14th Aug 2018 @ 22:21

The U.K. is changing its mind on Brexit

It's about time. The damage done so far is hopefully reversible, but the damage that will occur post-Brexit is unimaginable.

What astounded me more than anything was the day after the vote, seeing direct descendants of immigrants (possibly young immigrants themselves) voting in this manor to 'prove a point' or taking the chance to 'have a say'.

Posted 13th Aug 2018 @ 08:39

Home of the Future with Grant Imahara

Interested to see how the series evolves, there's lots of tech out there for the home but little real world demos. There's so much focus on unboxing I'm hoping that we'll see how various bits fit together in future episodes.

Posted 10th Aug 2018 @ 22:25

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