I love this render of a NES themed car so much. If this was real, I'd put up with the square wheels.

Posted 23rd Dec 2021 @ 17:13

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Megazord

My son really got into Power Rangers this year and this would blow his mind.

Price: £149.99

Posted 15th Dec 2021 @ 10:07

I'm Black but look White. Here are the horrible things white people feel safe telling me.

Miriam Zinter's response to people who say "But you're different!":

Sometimes they say: “But you're different!” Then I ask them if other Black folks they know are also “different.” When they say yes, I ask them: “How are all the Black people you know ‘different'? When are you going to realize that we are not different? That you have been misled into believing that Black people are somehow bad, and that what you see with your own eyes ― these Black people you know, and know are not different or bad ― are good people like you?”

Posted 14th Dec 2021 @ 10:16


Takes a while to load but totally worth it, it's a really fun and simple game to play.

Posted 2nd Dec 2021 @ 13:07

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