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Everrati Electric Porsche 911

Stunning, I love how people are taking these old machines and turning them into EVs for the future.

I, optimistically, looked around at what Porsche have to offer when looking for our next car and for the money you pay their interiors are pretty awful. They certainly don't stand up to the test of time so I'd be interested to know how Everrati tackle that aspect. Hard to get a look inside, but there's at least one photo that seems to show the legacy CarPlay stereo Porsche offer for their older cars.

The Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda would actually be my pick.

Posted 29th Sep 2021 @ 16:25

iPhone 13 Pro camera review: Tanzania

Austin Mann's reviews of the latest iPhone are always very good from a photography perspective. Some great photos to look at and a couple of videos too.

The best bit of this article is actually around Focus Mode. I've seen it and poked around but didn't realise you could us an app to invoke a specific Focus Mode while you're using it. Austin Mann's use case was for using the Camera app and I've set up the same too. In theory, my phone won't vibrate or make a notification sound while I'm taking a video or photo.

Posted 22nd Sep 2021 @ 14:57

Pfizer coronavirus vaccine safe, effective in children, company says

Music to my ears, I wouldn't hesitate for even a second to get my kids vaccinated.

Posted 20th Sep 2021 @ 16:32

AI movie posters

Guessed a few of these, you can click to show which movies they are trying to represent. For most of the others I got that 'aaah' after revealing the title!

Posted 20th Sep 2021 @ 12:37

14 Years of iPhone

I'm more comfortable with how iPhones are named, now that they're sticking to numbers. Still seems crazy to me that we saw the 15th generation of iPhones announced less than a week ago.

Posted 19th Sep 2021 @ 19:19

Apple unveils new iPad mini with breakthrough performance in stunning new design

Yesterday's Apple Event provided a solid update across the iPhone and Apple Watch ranges. The screens get better and better on the latter and the iPhone Pro range now has Promotion, bringing dynamic refresh rates to the iPhone range. Better battery life on the iPhone is welcome too.

It was the iPad mini changes that impressed me the most. It was an odd size before, the overall size was fine, but the forehead and chin ate into a lot of the display and that's been overcome with the same design as the iPad Air.

It has the latest A15 chip, while the 'regular' iPad which was also updated gets the A13. Plenty of power, good battery and a very discrete profile. It's a really good update.

Posted 15th Sep 2021 @ 09:32

Coming in 2022: A big leap in smart home technology

Matter sounds great but my biggest wish for any smart home platform is for backwards compatibility. Having my Nest thermostat and Google Home Mini available in the Home app would be great. I've got the Nest into the Home app via Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi before but requiring a bridge for any accessory means there's just another point of failure.

Posted 13th Sep 2021 @ 15:08

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