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Batman™ Classic TV Series Batmobile™

We were gifted the Lego version of the 1989 Batmobile which was really fun to build, but now I really want this to sit next to it.

Price: £34.99

Posted 18th May 2021 @ 09:22

Zoom Keypad

I came across these mechanical keypads first and then ended up down an Etsy rabbit hole and stumbled across this Zoom Keyboard. I was actually looking at a numeric keypad-style keyboard I could use for different actions but they were either very pricey or it's just not obvious how configurable they are. This would be perfect for someone (me) who ends up living in Zoom some days!

Price: £57.60

Posted 12th May 2021 @ 19:38

How safe are you from Covid when you fly?

Really interesting explainer with a scroll-to-animate experience taking you through the lifecycle of the air you breathe on a plane. I feel more reassured having read it, but I also have no desire to get on a plane in 2021.

Posted 10th May 2021 @ 19:36

No cookie for you

Great work from GitHub, and great to see such a big site take action like this. No one likes cookie notices and there's no reason for us to just get used to them.

Posted 29th Apr 2021 @ 18:02

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