Oh my fucking God, get the fucking vaccine already, you fucking fucks

I couldn't put my feelings about being vaccinated any better than Wendy has here.

Hi, if you are reading this essay then congratulations, you are still alive. And if you are alive, then you have either gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, or you still have the opportunity to get the vaccine against COVID-19. And holy fuck, if you aren't fucking vaccinated against COVID-19, then you need to get fucking vaccinated right now. I mean, what the fuck? Fuck you. Get vaccinated. Fuck.

Posted 7th Sep 2021 @ 12:49

Readers should not be renters

Fully agree with this title. The SaaS model works perfectly for the world of business where your subscription keeps you at the forefront of what the service offers.

As a consumer though, per major version feels.. fairer?

I don't know how else to describe it really, but it doesn't feel fair to subscribe to a tool.

Take Sketch's subscription model, it's a hybrid of the two approaches and works fantastically well. You pay the version that's available today and it's yours forever. If you want the cloud features, then you pay your monthly 'subscription'.

Posted 18th Aug 2021 @ 12:11

adidas Busenitz indoor super shoes

It's been a really long time since I bought a pair of adidas shoes. A decade, or even more. But these have turned my head. They look like they're related to the Samba but without the obnoxious front (although I love the Samba shoe too).

Not in my size, but these are top of my list for the next shoe I buy.

Price: £85

Posted 18th Aug 2021 @ 11:02

Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4


They did an awesome job bringing the Countach into the 21st century. I had a model of the original Countach as a kid which I loved playing with and this really looks the part.

Posted 17th Aug 2021 @ 21:14

USB-C cable colour codes

This ha caught me out a couple of times recently. I wanted a USB-C extension cable to keep my desk clear of clutter. Every one I've tried can't handle data to attached USB 2/3 hubs although it does seem to power them.

There's another issue too, where displays attached work fine until unplugged. For some reason the computer continues to think it's attached even when tie is severed completely. Only a hard restart solves the issue. Not limited to any particular cable, as I've tried a few and had the same issue.

For the USB 2/3 issue, apparently part of it is down to orientation of the cable which defeats one of the selling points of USB-C. The other I haven't found a solution to so I'm stuck with dongles hanging out of my MacBook Pro for now.

Posted 12th Aug 2021 @ 17:14

King of Creamz takeover at BBC ICECREAM

I still remember walking into Harvey Nichols to see the first Ice Cream shoes in person and not being able to believe that there were casual shoes like this that were worth over £100. Either they were marked up at £125 or £150. Fast forward a couple of years and I managed to find two pairs for way way less once the BBC / Reebok deal went sour.

I really should clean mine up and get them appraised.

Posted 11th Aug 2021 @ 19:42

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