YouTube Discontinuing 3rd-Generation Apple TV App, AirPlay Still Available

While I had heard the news, I didn't see the in-app notice until the weekend. I've been binging Community on Netflix so I now have a huge YouTube backlog to get through. Not great timing for me.

I wonder what the reason is, the app is pretty simple and supports ads. Discovery from within a video is harder, but that's not a feature I ever use on desktop, mobile or within TV apps.

Posted 8th Feb 2021 @ 11:05

mRNA vaccines, explained

Good explainer on how the new vaccines work (and a primer on the old ones too). What an achievement by the scientific community to be able to create it so quickly. There's still so much to be done before we're out of this pandemic. Having the vaccine might protect you, but we might need to continue with various restrictions until we're sure it's gone. It's already mutated a handful of times and what happens if we let our guard down and it mutates in a way that the vaccines are no longer effective against it?

Posted 4th Feb 2021 @ 09:30

Enable hover text in macOS

Not really sure how useful this will be to me, but the obvious one is for figuring out what an ambiguous icon does when there's no label attached.

Being able to lock and un-lock the feature is a nice touch too. I even tried dragging an object around the screen with the feature enabled and it worked really well.

Posted 2nd Feb 2021 @ 14:05

Good Vaccine News

This isn't actually good news, it's fantastic news:

Here's the key fact: All five vaccines with public results have eliminated Covid-19 deaths.

...all five of the vaccines — from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Novavax and Johnson & Johnson — look extremely good. Of the roughly 75,000 people who have received one of the five in a research trial, not a single person has died from Covid, and only a few people appear to have been hospitalized. None have remained hospitalized 28 days after receiving a shot.

Posted 2nd Feb 2021 @ 09:10

My thoughts on Sathnam Sanghera's episode of Ways To Change The World

I'd encourage any brit to go and listen to this episode. My own thoughts on Britain have changed a lot of the last few years and almost in line with how Sathnam describes his experience.

The Empire was always championed as a wonderful thing that Britain did for the world and yet do Brits really understand how the Empire came to be? To be the nation 'we' think we are, we need to do better and one of the first steps has to be confronting 'our' past.

Posted 1st Feb 2021 @ 19:49

CDC orders mask mandate for planes and public transportation

Good to see that America isn't ignoring the obvious anymore. It's a real shame that the UK hasn't officially mandated masks yet, almost a year into the pandemic.

A brief family walk to get some fresh air yesterday was quite surprising and disappointing for us as we were the only ones wearing masks. Both common sense and respect for each other are sorely lacking in this country.

Posted 1st Feb 2021 @ 18:18

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