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Charlie Brooker's Antiviral Wipe

Some much needed comedy relief for the crazy time we're living in.

In this one-off special, Charlie Brooker returns to our screens for the first time since his Bafta-winning 2016 Wipe to take a look at life under lockdown.

As well as coverage of the crisis itself, Charlie also explores what the public have been watching to while away the hours.

The production value is great, despite being filmed at home. It was a great job from all involved. Available for another 29 days on BBC's iPlayer, go watch it if you haven't already.

Posted 15th May 2020 @ 12:21

Chrome to block battery-sucking ads in August update

Good news, but utterly ridiculous numbers from these bad or lazy ad creators. 0.3% of ads are responsible for more than a quarter of ad traffic and CPU usage to process ads.

Good work from the Chrome team. Long overdue, now every other browser vendor needs to do the same.

Posted 15th May 2020 @ 09:39

"Hannah Gadsby: Douglas" trailer

"Nanette" was really good, so good in fact that it went from being her goodbye to her launchpad. Go watch it if you haven't already.

Posted 13th May 2020 @ 22:50

Timex Waterbury classic chrono

While Nixon's Sentry Chrono is the only watch on my wish list at the moment, this Timex piece is a cheaper alternative. A few mm smaller, but it's really nice and comes in two colours with the steel bracelet. If you prefer different types of straps then there are even more colours to choose from.

Price: £149.99

Posted 13th May 2020 @ 09:15

Scunthorpe Sans

Scunthorpe Sans is a font that sensors swear words:

How this s*** works:
Modern fonts can combine
letters into a single ligature,
usually for things like fi or fl
but you can pick anything
so we've done it for swears.

via Kottke

Posted 12th May 2020 @ 11:00

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