Fiat 126 Vision all-electric concept

Much like Honda's effort, Fiat have retro-inspired all-electric concept car. Out of the two, I think I prefer this one. It looks so nimble, as if it will be great for weaving in and out of traffic.

Posted 15th Oct 2020 @ 22:37

California: Images of the Golden State

An interesting set of photos, many of which I wouldn't associate with California.

Posted 12th Oct 2020 @ 09:06

How Flash games shaped the video game industry

I spent two years working with Flash, shortly after it was acquired by Adobe. It was a great tool but as it became more capable, it also became more power hungry.

Goodbye, Flash.

Posted 11th Oct 2020 @ 21:49

7 Principles of Icon Design

Icon and logo design are two things I would love to be so much better at. Some excellent advice and examples here, well worth a read.

Posted 2nd Oct 2020 @ 20:22

Polestar Precept is going into production

Earlier this year Polestar began showing of their Precept concept car but now they're putting it into production.

Posted 30th Sep 2020 @ 01:57

Apple Marina Bay Sands

Whenever complaints about Apple pop up — like, say, this weekend's story about a ripoff app topping the charts in the App Store — some number of people will respond along the lines of, “Well, what do you expect from a company run by a penny-pinching beancounter like Tim Cook?” I.e. that Apple, under Cook's leadership, has gotten cheap, and the reason for Problem X is that Apple refuses to spend money to fix it.

This is nonsense. Apple is not cheap. A miserly penny-wise/pound-foolish company does not design and build architectural marvels like this new store in Singapore. Apple spends lavishly on what they care about and consider important.

Agree with this from John Gruber, but to me it also gives weight to the fact that it seems like Apple are not investing enough in the App Store experience.

Posted 29th Sep 2020 @ 23:49

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