200,000 Faces

The faces on this page do not and have never existed. They were generated by a computer. They have been curated to provide a demographically accurate view of the actual covid-19 victims, accounting for age, race, and gender.

Posted 10th Nov 2020 @ 09:00

Daily reported COVID-19 cases, by continent

I really hope the chart for COVID-related deaths doesn't spike as much as this one for cases has. The second lockdown is going to be too late for so many. All too predictable and entirely unnecessary.

Posted 3rd Nov 2020 @ 16:35

Moment for iPhone 12

This is exactly what I had in mind accessory wise for the new MagSafe feature of the newest iPhones.

Proprietary (M)Force magnet array and grip pad for even more strength (Patent Pending)

Crucial bit of text from the individual product pages, it will hopefully give people a bit more confidence. The lack of strength within the various MagSafe accessories from Apple was surprising. Probably best to wait for the reviews but they look promising to me.

This cold shoe mount is the most interesting to me. there's a compatible mic or portable light you can use with it. Interestingly, that then brings to mind reverse wireless charging... charging AirPods is the case I see cited most often, another phone second. But if reverse charging was powerful enough to do either of those, perhaps it would be enough to power accessories like this, removing the need for batteries or wires.

Price: $19.95+

Posted 3rd Nov 2020 @ 12:11

Masks Work. Really.

Yesterday, I linked to a piece on how coronavirus spreads through the air. Today, here's a great article on how effective masks are at capturing coronavirus particles.

It's a great explainer and yet again I'm sat here wondering why masks haven't been made mandatory in the western world or why anyone is refuting their effectiveness. If you're not going to wear it to protect others, then wear one to protect yourself.

Posted 3rd Nov 2020 @ 09:12

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