Porsche launches CarPlay radios for classic Porsches

What a great idea from Porsche, you can bring the entertainment portion of you classic car up to date by replacing the radio it has with one of these. Available in 1 and 2-Din configurations means it will take up all the space available. Starting at €1350 for the 1-Din model, it's not cheap but and the screen is tiny. But if your car does support the 2-Din size, then you're really in luck.

If Mercedes offered the same for their classic cars, it would be perfect for my imaginary SEC restoration project.

Price: €1,350+

Posted 24th Apr 2020 @ 12:39

Apple Maps "Look Around" coverage expands to Chicago

I had assumed that the Apple Map expansions included Look Around but it turns out that's a different update all together. So while I am eager for Apple's updates to roll out to Europe, and London in particular, until we get Look Around, there will still be times when I'm opening Google Maps to actually look around.

Posted 22nd Apr 2020 @ 16:08

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