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Posted 15th Aug 2023 @ 09:31

London's Urban Foxes

Alan Taylor:

London's urban fox population has been growing and becoming more visible since the early 20th century. Foxes are well adapted to city and suburban life, and their numbers appear to have stabilized at about 10,000 foxes living in the gardens, parks, and alleyways of London alone.

Foxes really are everywhere in London, we hear and see them often. Seeing them I don't mind but hearing them at 2am fighting, mating or just being foxy(?!), can be really annoying.

Posted 5th Aug 2023 @ 09:00

The Yankees Booger Up Their Uniforms With Patches From Starr Insurance

Baseball fans don't know how good they've got it. Admittedly team names in large fonts isn't my taste. Puma tried this for away shirts recently in football and it was awful.

I would take sleeve sponsorship over shirt sponsorship any day. But jerseys should be unsponsored.

Posted 1st Aug 2023 @ 11:18

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