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King of Creamz takeover at BBC ICECREAM

I still remember walking into Harvey Nichols to see the first Ice Cream shoes in person and not being able to believe that there were casual shoes like this that were worth over £100. Either they were marked up at £125 or £150. Fast forward a couple of years and I managed to find two pairs for way way less once the BBC / Reebok deal went sour.

I really should clean mine up and get them appraised.

Posted 11th Aug 2021 @ 19:42

Always close your font tags

Via Kottke's quick links this made me laugh. Scroll to see how crazy some of the font sizes get because of font tags that haven't been closed correctly.

My first thought that this was probably built in Dreamweaver which is unbelievable forgiving. After inspecting the code it was built using Microsoft FrontPage 5. The page linked to is from 2014 and that particular version of FrontPage is from between 1999 and 2001!

While these apps lowered the barrier to working with HTML, they were absolutely awful at what they did.

Posted 9th Aug 2021 @ 13:50

Paint everything everywhere!

Fun game where you need to move every 'brush' across every part of the screen to paint it.

Posted 9th Aug 2021 @ 11:00

Photos don't capture the moment

Something I've said to myself many times about many subjects and scenes for well over a decade.

“this picture doesnt do this sunrise justice”

I've had a camera phone in some shape of form for at least the last 15 years and while it's hard to believe some of the memories they can capture there are times when they just don't do it justice. Bigger cameras too.

Posted 8th Aug 2021 @ 19:28

Fjorden iPhone camera control

This looks like a fantastic product, but a little disappointing with the overall solution. The first time I saw it, it looked MagSafe compatible. As in it could clip directly onto an iPhone and maybe even pass on the charge, but it's kick-stand capability and positioning but that idea to bed.

In any case, it still looks like a really useful tool to help up your iPhone photography game.

Price: €119

Posted 29th Jul 2021 @ 13:30

"Ghostbusters Afterlife" trailer 2

This looks really good, I can't wait to see it!

Posted 27th Jul 2021 @ 15:01

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