New Tesla Model 3 - what's changed?

I think Tesla have achieved their purpose. I am not a fan of their owner. The Cybertruck and Roadster are nowhere to be seen, even though the latter was announced in 2017 as a 2020 release.

Self driving is a lie.

Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Porsche are all catching up. CarPlay is a huge success and I'd guess that the same is true of Android Auto.

Model 3 facelift

I digress... overall the changes look small, but I saw a current Model 3 this past weekend and the headlights already look dated. The Model Y is basically a tall Model 3 so I wonder how this all looks when applied to that form factor.

If I had the money to drop on an EV, I wouldn't be spending it on a Model 3. It's not honest enough to quell range anxiety and Musk deserves no more of anyones money.

I'd opt for one of the following instead:

  • BMW i4
  • EQE (although larger than I'd like, where's the EQC Saloon, Mercedes?)
  • Vauxhall Astra (today the plug-in hybrid might help quell any range anxiety)
  • VW ID.3 (saw the ID.5 yesterday and it's an oddly shaped car, IMO)
  • Kia EV6 (looks fantastic but looks very big in the flesh, so not at the top of my list)

Like I said, Tesla have achieved their stated purpose and unless they start delivering on their promises then I don't know how they can be taken seriously for much longer.

Posted 4th Sep 2023 @ 15:58

EV Chargers Should Be Dumber

There are so many aspects of our lives that are being over-engineered and this is definitely one of them. The one thing gasoline has going for it at the moment is that you can pull up, fill up for a few minutes, pay and you're gone. It cannot get much simpler than that. In contrast, EV charging seems to involve apps. App after app after app. We don't have a full EV at the moment, but even just for parking I have three apps on my phone.

Dumb charging is where it's at. I'm sure an EV future isn't far away but any and every barrier should be removed to get us there quicker.

Posted 4th Sep 2023 @ 14:29

The unmistakable energy of Premier League football

It took me way too long to figure out what the difference was between the 'old' and new logo. It's the white outline which is applied universally and there's now no negative version.

The motion graphics for the change in identity confused me because they show the vector point handles moving but nothing changes but it's probably for the best that there's a singular version rather than multiple.

The other part to this rebrand is that the outline is offset a bit so where it meets the eye of the lion, the outline can't be seen (or very subtle in some cases) and it gives the logo some depth.

Extremely subtle update, but a good evolution and simplification of the brand.

Posted 18th Aug 2023 @ 07:26

A Blog Post With Every HTML Element

Comprehensive is an understatement, what a mammoth effort to shoehorn everything in.

Posted 15th Aug 2023 @ 09:31

London's Urban Foxes

Alan Taylor:

London's urban fox population has been growing and becoming more visible since the early 20th century. Foxes are well adapted to city and suburban life, and their numbers appear to have stabilized at about 10,000 foxes living in the gardens, parks, and alleyways of London alone.

Foxes really are everywhere in London, we hear and see them often. Seeing them I don't mind but hearing them at 2am fighting, mating or just being foxy(?!), can be really annoying.

Posted 5th Aug 2023 @ 09:00

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