Babyface Tiny Desk Concert

It's been a while since I shared one of these, and I did not expect to be sharing one by Babyface. His music, at least I thought, proceeded my time as a listener. He had some cross over with The Neptunes of whom I'm a big fan so I was aware of him but what a set.

Some surprises in the set for me, I had no idea he had worked with Fall Out Boy for example. I had to keep jumping back to re-listen to some of the songs, it's well worth a listen.

Posted 16th Jun 2023 @ 11:00

APIs for content sites must be free

Makes total sense to me, if the authors of the content are not compensated for their efforts then at the very least the authors themselves should have free access to the content and interactions they generate as a result.

Nelson lost me here though:

I also think it is the greater good to let AIs train for free.

This is the one part that should be up to the service to decide how available it is for training AI. Sure, ChatGPT and others wouldn't be as impressive without all the data they've trained on but that doesn't mean they were entitled to that training data and certainly not for free... but then any costs should trickle down to the content providers, not just the platform hosting the data which makes it messy. For most, it should be an in or out policy.

Posted 16th Jun 2023 @ 07:59

20th Anniversary BBC talk recap

I can't believe we're talking about the 20th anniversary of the Billionaire Boys Club brand, I was an early fan and ran websites that were focused on the brand, or at least in that general direction.

I remember visiting Selfridges in London around this time and seeing the Ice Cream shoes on display. I wasn't sure about the style, but the price tag blew my mind.

I managed to get my hands on a few pieces over the years. It's a brand I continue to look out for and follow even if they style doesn't quite fit my own.

I've shared a couple of things here over the years when they've caught my eye but they'll be shared on Good Gear Club instead now where it makes more sense.

Posted 12th Jun 2023 @ 14:50

Apple previews new features coming to Apple services this fall

Pretty comprehensive look at what improvements we'll be seeing with Apple's apps in iOS 17 later this year.

Posted 7th Jun 2023 @ 15:42

I tried a secret Google project!

Certainly looks tough to capture on camera, but this is a really good look at some potential future technology. Too big for the home, at the moment, but if this could be scaled down enough then it could be really impressive.

Which actually made me wonder if this is even new? I vaguely remembered (and found) a video of a similar effect but based on Nintendo Wii remotes from 15 years ago!

Posted 25th May 2023 @ 09:24

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