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NBA app now shows live scores on iPhone's lock screen and Dynamic Island

I get these live activities via the app FotMob but they can only be activated by accessing the app within an hour of the match. Perhaps that's an API limitation, but I thought the whole reason for this was so that the information was there when you needed it, not when you remembered that you needed it.

Anyway, nice to see an entire league take on the responsibility for this. I hope the Premier League do the same eventually. The sooner the better.

Posted 21st Mar 2023 @ 19:44

Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom Lego set

Might watch Indiana Jones before moving on to The Goonies with the kids.

Posted 21st Mar 2023 @ 17:53

iPhone 15 Pro leak reveals unified volume button and mute button

A unified button, which I assume will rock, sounds good and hopefully it's pronounced enough to be nice and tactile but a mute button sounds awful.

The toggle is really satisfying to use and near impossible to toggle by accident. The only time I ever have an issue with it is if I remove the case. The orange colour for the muted position is also iconic, to me at least. It's a nod way back to the iPod era and it just looks great.

Posted 20th Mar 2023 @ 16:12

Honest Trailer for The Goonies

I watched this and laughed along and now I can't wait to watch The Goonies with my kids.

Posted 16th Mar 2023 @ 11:08

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