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Porsche Taycan Turbo S v Tesla Model S

The test is a little unfair given Tesla have already shown their upcoming Ludicrous power train could put it back in front when it comes to performance but a good review overall.

However you feel about performance and looks, Tesla still lead the way when it comes to autonomous vehicles.

Posted 31st Oct 2019 @ 12:03

Twitter to suspend politcal advertising (thread)

Everyone's looking at you now, Zuck. Not sure why it's taken this long for anyone to see the light.


Axios with some great points on the topic.

Posted 30th Oct 2019 @ 21:26

Future iPhones expected to adopt Apple Watch's low-power LTPO display technology,

One aspect of OLED displays I'd completely overlooked a few weeks ago was that they can be treated as always on. Android phones have had this capability for years, displaying the date and time while the rest of the screen is asleep.

The display controller in the Series 6 Apple Watch is perfectly positioned to finally introduce this to the iPhone Pro line up.

Posted 30th Oct 2019 @ 09:15

AirPods Pro

I love my AirPods and these look like a great update. Surprised they don't match the regular AirPods for listening time, but the 'Force Sensor' is definitely a feature I'm envious of.

It is crazy how much they fit into these devices now:

AirPod Pro disected

Price: $249

Posted 29th Oct 2019 @ 16:12

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