Zenith DEFY 21 Land Rover Edition wristwatch

The strap is nowhere near as nice as other ones Zenith make, looks like it would attract a lot of dirt and dust. And yeah, it's the orange detail that got me... well out of my price range sadly.

Price: £11,400

Posted 20th Jan 2020 @ 17:44

The global parental leave paradox

I've seen bits of Working Moms, which really illustrates the absence of parental leave really well. There are only three countries in the world that don't offer any form of parental leave and it's absolutely insane that a first world country like the United States is one of them... but when you look at their health care and political systems, it's not exactly a surprise.

Posted 20th Jan 2020 @ 11:31

Cyrcle Phone is round and has two headphone jacks

Absolute madness... most if not all Android watches are round and they've barely made it work in any meaningful way so I'm not sure why they think they'll be able to get full size apps working on a circular display. Just seems like a crazy bit of tech that noone is going to buy.

Posted 17th Jan 2020 @ 08:54

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