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Samsung fingerprint bypass hack explained

I hadn't noticed the bit that said it was a gel screen protector being used. Still poor from Samsung, but why are people wrapping edge-to-edge OLED displays with a gel case? The additional glare, the air gaps and the tacky feel is surely only hampering the experience.

Posted 21st Oct 2019 @ 15:58

Immoral Flaws

I've had this bookmarked for a while, I can't quite remember where I first saw it around London. A stunning poster when you see them in the wild, created as part of a public art project.

Posted 21st Oct 2019 @ 09:00

How to capture scientific images of the Moon

An interesting article, but something I found very useful was to take multiple exposures and blend them together using a dedicated tool. Tony Northrup has a good video on how and why to use Registax:

Posted 20th Oct 2019 @ 21:06

Gun Shop: 2,328 guns at 24 guns per second

...there are an estimated 393 million firearms owed by civilians in the US. That's 1.2 guns per person (including children), the highest per capita in the world, more than twice that of the second place country, Yemen. Collectively, civilians in the US own 46% of the guns in the world. It's a sick and dangerous obsession.

Posted 20th Oct 2019 @ 16:38

Counterfeiting Microsoft Windows restore CDs landed Me in prison for a year

What a crazy story. A year in prison for restoring computers and providing the boot CDs to make them usable that you can get for free.

Posted 20th Oct 2019 @ 14:59

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