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As Facebook Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants

I use Facebook and use it as a distribution method for links back to 1 Thing A Week, but day by day the leaks get worse and worse. In analysis of this piece I found it odd that Netflix was often mentioned in the headlines but not in the opinions expressed. They claim not to have been aware of such privileges available to them and have deactivated the need for access to both read and write privileges to private messages. But why have I not seen the Royal Bank of Canada in a headline? A BANK.

Tech Giants are forging new paths, and it looks like they may be forced to fall in line (no bad thing), but if a bank has this kind of access, this is surely a nightmare for them and their regulators. I can only imagine the fall out had it been a European bank given GDPR has been in effect for the last 8 months or so.

How much do I really need Facebook? I discussed demoting Facebook on my phone in week 51 and covered not only moving it to the last page and almost out of site, but disabling all types of notifications too. A small step but how many more storms can this Tech Giant weather without the biggest of fallouts?

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