Instagram would be better off without Facebook

I agree with pretty much everything in this article. If this happens and Instagram go it alone, then they've proved that they can generate revenue the 'problem' will be loosing access to the data that drives it. I can't see Facebook handing over the keys as part of a divorce but I wonder if Instagram would even be interested in taking that baggage with them.

I think Instagram would thrive on its own but it's actually WhatsApp that would really gain more credibility by being split out again. Things might be end-to-end encrypted at the moment but there's not a part of me that doesn't believe Facebook are analysing everything we're typing.

I much prefer Flickr to Instagram because I can do a deep dive on the details of a photo but Instagram is where all my friends and family are. Similar situation for WhatsApp, Messages is a fuss-free app that makes messaging simple and yet everyone I know is using WhatsApp, whether they have a Facebook or Instagram account or not.

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