2030 World Cup will take place on three continents

Absolute madness from FIFA, which is not a surprise.

Firstly, what if any of Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay fail to qualify? Or how do you rearrange their fixtures so that they can play a 'home' game?

Or will we just have 6 random teams playing in South America for three matches before flying them back over to Europe/Africa for the remainder of the tournament? How do, as a competing nation, even prepare for that?

If you need evidence of how bad this idea is, in the Premier League this weekend my club were on the receiving end of a massive lapse of concentration. The people at fault had flown back from the UAE just the day before after a bit of casual moonlighting. The demands on players and officials is so high, it's not a surprise that it might take it's toll in this way. Of course, the travel may not have been the issue, it may well be down to pure incompetence... but I choose to believe they were just tired and doing their best despite how I felt at the time.

Back to the 2030 World Cup. It's not like 2030 being the 100th year is a surprise to anyone. Given Uruguay made a joint bid for the tournament, I'm not sure why FIFA wouldn't take the opportunity to award to them? It will have been 16 years since the previous South American host.

As a fan, it's great to see so much football available to watch, but on the other hand you only want your own players to play a sensible number of games every year. There are already too many international games. Then you have inter-continental club games. The amount of travelling they do is not normal.

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