1000 photos later: iPhone 15 Pro Max is still missing something by The Verge

Full Frame continues to be among my favourite for reviews of cameras and this is a great video on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

If I had been buying an iPhone this year, I would have been torn. I knew back when I got the iPhone 8 Plus I was going to go big because I wanted the two camera system. I have no desire to own the biggest phone, but I really would have wanted to have the 5x camera so probably would have begrudgingly gone with it. I held the iPhone 15 Pro Max in an Apple Store last night and it wasn't heavy at all. In fact it felt about the same weight as my regular iPhone 14 Pro.

Oh and the state of USB C cables is insane. The whole standard needs simplifying... I would actually have backed Lightning getting USB 3 transfer speeds over the move to USB C. The simplicity of Lightning cables is too easily forgotten. One cable for charging and data, reversible. I know USB C opens up a whole world of options but only the top of the top tier pro users will ever make the most of it.

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