Apollo 11: Descent to the Moon

NASA also shared footage of the launch yesterday.

Posted 17th Jul 2019 @ 09:00

Liverpool Football Club Champions of Europe season review 2018/19

As is now tradition, a post season review is often released by clubs but they're best when there's a big trophy at the end of it, like the Champions League, for example.

Rather than a single sitting, the 2018/19 season has been split into three episodes. Episode 3 is the Champions League final, episode 2 seems to cover the famous 4-goal comeback against Barcelona.

I guess the other 3 hours that make up 'episode' 1 would cover the rest of the season.

Price: £14.99

Posted 16th Jul 2019 @ 16:33

How to watch the Cricket World Cup final

A little late, given the Cricket World Cup final was this past Sunday (England beat New Zealand), but this is a pretty good breakdown on how cricket is played. Not a sport that's managed to grab my attention, has to be said, but it's one of those sports that knows no bounds and you need very little to be able to participate in.

Posted 16th Jul 2019 @ 15:07

Where are all the Bob Ross paintings? We found them.

I remember when we first got cable TV and access to the Discovery Channel. We watched Bob Ross and there were times when the lesser cartoons were on, that I'd switch over and watch him paint for a bit.

Posted 16th Jul 2019 @ 13:26

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