The Disappearing Computer

An interesting demo (or sales pitch) for a potentially screen-less future. I've seen various bits of commentary on Humane in general and the fact they've not yet shown what their devices are. Even after this demo, we still don't really know.

It can translate your words into French though, which was a bit of an odd demo. No prompt, it just knew to do that? Maybe the button press was the trigger?

Even with options like Screen Time, we're not putting our phones down. The visual side of it is part of the appeal so it remains to be seen how a device like this can succeed.

Posted 16th May 2023 @ 09:00

What does an AR-15 do to the human body?

Reading this is tough enough, but the visuals really drive the point home.

There is no place in the world for anyone to have a gun, outside of the military. None.

Posted 10th May 2023 @ 15:01

Las Vegas Casino Logos

Fantastic collection of logos for the various hotels that have been part of the Las Vegas strip and beyond.

Via Kottke.

Posted 4th May 2023 @ 09:21

Vintage and retro Game Boy refurbs

Despite fixing my Game Boy, I've not played it much because the screen is awful. Genuinely awful.

Came across this site and now very tempted to look at putting an IPS display into mine so it's usable in normal light.

Posted 2nd May 2023 @ 10:45

Drivers are demanding real buttons and knobs

Via Nick Heer again.

Just yesterday, I was looking around the cabin of my car and longed for some buttons that would make it easier and surely faster to do some actions like changing radio stations or picking the next track on my playlist. It's not awful at the moment but some of the review videos I watch for new cars all have the same complaints: fewer buttons means more time spent looking away from the road.

Posted 29th Apr 2023 @ 13:00

General Motors kills another electric car

Admittedly I don't drive a tiny car, but it's not what I would call large. Anyway, Nick Heer is right:

we end up with a sea of samey SUVs, crossovers, and trucks, all of which are too big and many to the extent a separate license should be required to drive them. They make the roads more dangerous for others, which drives some people to buy a similar-sized vehicle for their own safety perception. It is madness.

Posted 28th Apr 2023 @ 09:46

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