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Snap to debut new slate of original shows

I really like Snapchat and they continue to evolve despite Facebook ripping off their features for their three main endpoints. I use it almost daily to follow what my family are up to and every now and then for content too.

Posted 21st Mar 2019 @ 12:00

Mourning in New Zealand

The response to last week's tragedy in New Zealand has been remarkable. The Prime Minister will not reference the attacker by name and gun law reforms were announced just 3 days after the shootings.


And just 6 days later, semi-automatic weapons have been in New Zealand.

New Zealand is also banning high-capacity magazines and anything that can modify weapons into having a semi-automatic capacity... Ardern announced interim regulatory changes effective immediately.

Not only is the turnaround quick, but it's clear that there's now no place for this type of tragedy to occur in New Zealand. Oh, and it will have been less than a month for this to be have been adopted in law:

What's next: Ardern expects the new gun laws to be fully in place by April 11. The New Zealand government would put in place a gun buyback scheme.

Posted 21st Mar 2019 @ 10:10

Interactive trailer for Bear Grylls' 'Call of the Wild'

following on from Bandersnatch, Netflix recently said they'd be creating more interactive content and as part of their new show with Bear Grylls you'll be able to choose how he goes about his next adventure.

Posted 20th Mar 2019 @ 11:50

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