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Typewriter Maps

Almost as if to compliment this week's article, Jason Kottke shared a map created using a typewriter by Daniel Huffman.

Posted 14th Dec 2018 @ 13:50

Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with Stephen Fry

The absolute scale of delusion amongst the electorate and the scale of deception from our elected officials is almost criminal. For the latter, I'd argue that it is in fact criminal.

Posted 14th Dec 2018 @ 12:06

Virgin Galactic's spaceplane makes it to space for the first time

Virgin Galactic has been a thing for almost as long as I can remember, probably for most of my adult life, but this is the first time it feels close to being a reality. From the @virgingalactic Twitter account:

Posted 13th Dec 2018 @ 21:06

True Detective second trailer for season 3

The format looks much more like the first season which was a great series. While season 2 took the time to cover the characters, it wasn't the same without flashbacks. Looks like they're back with the original formula and I'm really looking forward to it.

Posted 12th Dec 2018 @ 20:22

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