"The Babysitter: Killer Queen" trailer

The first movie was more enjoyable than I expected while being absolutely ludicrous and this looks like more of the same.

Posted 1st Sep 2020 @ 14:38

LEGO x Ikea: Get ready for BYGGLEK collection in October!

These Lego storage boxes are very big and have some weird base where small pieces find their way and are very hard to recover. This solution from Lego and Ikea seem far more sensible and useful with the brick pattern integrated. Looks like they're stackable too so you can use them like giant bricks and then build on top of them.

Posted 1st Sep 2020 @ 07:57

Facebook says Apple's iOS 14 anti-tracking features will cut 50% of its Audience Network ad revenue

Fantastic news, it means these 'features' are working. It's about time this hole was plugged, our privacy has been a commodity for way too long now.

I'm not against ads at all, they should just be a seamless part of the experience and contextual at best.

Posted 31st Aug 2020 @ 21:44

Leading-Trim: The Future of Digital Typesetting

A good look at why things are the way they are when it comes to CSS and typesetting and a look to the future. This cannot come soon enough!

Posted 31st Aug 2020 @ 20:27

Crescent Moon HDR

Explanation: How come the crescent Moon doesn't look like this? For one reason, because your eyes can't simultaneously discern bright and dark regions like this.

Posted 27th Aug 2020 @ 09:00


I really should do this. I barely use Facebook these days. The app is hidden away on my phone, I visit the web site out of habit rather than necessity and when I do, I rarely scroll down past the first few items. Algorithmic feeds don't work for me, I much prefer things in a chronological order and that's why I use Twitter with latest tweets first and RSS have been the best way for me to ready and discover things.

If you're looking for a reason, here are 22 along with a few solutions for being able to get whatever it was you were getting out of Facebook.

Posted 25th Aug 2020 @ 09:56

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