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I tried a secret Google project!

Certainly looks tough to capture on camera, but this is a really good look at some potential future technology. Too big for the home, at the moment, but if this could be scaled down enough then it could be really impressive.

Which actually made me wonder if this is even new? I vaguely remembered (and found) a video of a similar effect but based on Nintendo Wii remotes from 15 years ago!

Posted 25th May 2023 @ 09:24

LEGO Batman Returns Batcave Shadowbox Set

Almost 4,000 pieces of LEGO goodness. I haven't watched the first two Batman films from that era for a long time but have the itch to watch them now.

Posted 17th May 2023 @ 08:16

The Disappearing Computer

An interesting demo (or sales pitch) for a potentially screen-less future. I've seen various bits of commentary on Humane in general and the fact they've not yet shown what their devices are. Even after this demo, we still don't really know.

It can translate your words into French though, which was a bit of an odd demo. No prompt, it just knew to do that? Maybe the button press was the trigger?

Even with options like Screen Time, we're not putting our phones down. The visual side of it is part of the appeal so it remains to be seen how a device like this can succeed.

Posted 16th May 2023 @ 09:00

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