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AirPods, an Augmented-Reality Wearable Computer

How far AirPods have come, from being ridiculed when they launched and now I see them everywhere. They're comfortable and more importantly, they just work.

Posted 21st Sep 2019 @ 14:42

40th Anniversary of the sony Walkman

I still remember going to buy my first Walkman, a black and grey model that had colour coded earpieces so you knew which ear to put them in.

I also loved having MiniDisc recorder, it really felt like the future but didn't get any real traction despite. Not that I helped but not buying pre-recorded albums and only re-writable MiniDiscs. Timing wasn't great either as MP3s became popular. They did get featured in The Matrix though.

Posted 20th Sep 2019 @ 11:55

Apple Maps new Look Around feature — Honolulu, Hawaii

I updated to iOS 13 last night and was happy to see the Look Around announced when you first open the Apple Maps app. The feature is only available in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Honolulu and it works really well.

This video retraces the steps we took 10 years ago when we visited Hawaii and would walk from our hotel towards Waikiki beach. It's pretty smooth and nicer experience than Google Maps but it would be really nice if you could hide all the clutter.

It also looks like there's more detail in Honolulu where the perspective of cars, people and objects shifts slightly as you look around at a particular spot but if you do the same on The Strip in Vegas, it feels flatter and much more like the Streetview experience we're used to.

I've seen the Apple Maps cars in 4 locations in London over the past 6-8 weeks so I'm really looking forward to seeing the feature roll out to more cities and countries.

Posted 20th Sep 2019 @ 09:00

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