What a great idea, tappable points around London that make it easy to donate to charity. It's been almost a decade since I worked in the centre of London and we hardly ever make the journey in so I had no idea these existed.

Posted 25th Dec 2019 @ 10:00

Atmospheric acidity is back to normal

Good news and more evidence that doing something has an effect. Sceptics should be treated as such and we should all be doing more to prevent disaster.

Posted 24th Dec 2019 @ 09:22

Gary Neville says football's racism problem extends to UK politics

There's not a thing you can disagree with here. As with everything, money trumps everything, including ethics. I'd like to think I would direct a club I owned, managed or played for to walk and leave the game behind.

The FA need to introduce points deductions for this kind of behaviour, fining clubs and banning individuals just doesn't work.

As for the clip itself, let's assume David Jones was being (poorly) directed to say what he said at the end. The reality is, balance isn't required in a debate like this. There's either racism or there isn't. This desire to entertain perceived balance in favour of representing the facts is why we have Brexit, anti-vaxxers and climate change sceptics.

Give us the facts, not opinions.

Posted 23rd Dec 2019 @ 11:00

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